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What are proxies for?
THIS IS ADVANCED : it is expected that only 5-10% of users will use this.

Using a proxy allows you to operate on the Internet with a different IP address than the one at your home.

If you go to you can see your IP address.

Now go to and type in the search bar

You see that your IP address is different. This is because you are now using a proxy server to "surf" the internet.

You are not invisible but you are hidden.

So when you use the proxies option in the Guru it allows you to do more searching. This is because if you conduct lots of queries back-to-back, Google will determine that it is a robot and may temporarily ban your IP address. This is only temporary.

To avoid this you can enter proxy servers into that setting.

We have a tutorial video on this in the Resource section of your account with the Lead Capture Page Boss.

If you don't have your account yet to access those resources use this link to create your account in less than 5 minutes.

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